18 Awesome Things to do in Seminyak, Bali

Don’t let Seminyak’s hectic neighbour Kuta turn you off from visiting this area. Though they are close in proximity, Seminyak is far from Kuta’s lifestyle. Seminyak oozes modern, trendy and luxury from its streets. Expats have flooded to the area, creating what is Seminyak today to provide you with boutique shopping, mouthwatering restaurants, fabulous bars and fist-pumping clubs.

Seminyak has a scene all on its own that’s distinct from the rest of the island. Visit Seminyak and you’ll understand why it is well-known as being a luxury base for many holiday-makers but all are welcome to enjoy the golden sand beaches, rolling waves, trendy hot spots and delicious food. Stop by here during your Bali holiday and you’ll find more than a few things to do in Seminyak that you’ll love.

Things to do in Seminyak

Discover what to do in Seminyak for all budgets and styles of travel in this top and detailed Seminyak travel guide.

Hit the beaches

Seminyak, though a popular area for travellers, is lucky to have beaches that feel less crowded. Seminyak Beach has golden sand and is an optimal place to catch sunset. During the day you can try the waves with some water activities or chill out on a lounge chair. The beach is good for swimming too. There are plenty of places for you to grab a drink and some food so you can spend the whole day without leaving the beach. Other beaches in Seminyak include Double Six Beach and Legian Beach. Kuta Beach is also not far but more busy.

Enjoy the beach clubs

Seminyak is home to one of Bali’s best beach clubs, Potato Head (also known as one of the top places to see in Seminyak) is great if you want a day to just chill out either in the sand or by the pool.The beach is lined with umbrellas and bean bags while around the pool there are cabanas where you can lounge and sip on cocktails all day long e sure to get in early though as many of the cabanas are often claimed for by 10am. You can snack on tapas and large meat and cheese platters or move to sit-down Seminyak restaurants that are available within the beach club. Another popular beach club is Cocoon on Double Six Beach that has become known as the beach with the best nightlife in Seminyak. Cocoon Beach Club is very inviting with a pool right in the centre and serving funky cocktails all day and night. You can also book beach club transfers so you can avoid any hassle with the taxis and not have to drive yourself if you drink!

Keep up your fitness

To counter all that partying and beach lounging time there are a number of options to keep up your health regime (or start one) while staying in Seminyak. You can even keep fit on the beach with boot camps right by the water. You can find these classes at 2BeFitBali. Another option is a sunset run where you’ll be spoiled with excellent and colourful views. Yoga is also a popular option just like anywhere else in Bali. Yoga, pilates and even water pilates is offered in Seminyak. Some studios to check out include Seminyak Yoga Shala and Yoga 108 Bali.

Have a travel photoshoot

Since Seminyak is a beachy area with lots of fun and trendy cafes, it makes it a wonderful spot in Bali to hire a vacation photographer and get some incredible travel pictures done. I personally hired a travel photographer from Localgrapher for a shoot in Canggu (the area just next to Seminyak) and was amazed with how stunning the pictures were. They’re memories that I’ll be able to cherish forever so I definitely recommend doing the same thing on your Bali holiday!

Take a cooking class

You can’t leave Bali without taking a cooking class. Seminyak is one of the best areas to take a cooking class as there are a number of options available.

Balinese dishes are different from others in Indonesia with their own complex and unique flavours. It’s very interesting to learn about and you’ll have the pleasure of making multiple dishes from soups to dinners and dessert.

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